Survey Reveals Average UK household Has Six Internet-Connected Devices

October 23, 2013

Family in living room with laptop smilingMany people blame the humble computer for the disintegration of family bonds. With individual family members choosing to spend time online rather than spending quality time with the family, gone are the days of nights around the TV. But as the computer has evolved and become more portable, we are no longer fixed in front of a clunky computer screen in the spare room of the house. As a result, family are now gathering together again, and instead of the computer being a barrier to conversation it actually facilitates it. According to research from Microsoft Advertising, UK households on average possess ten connectable devices and six of those hooked up to the internet.

A recent survey of more than 1500 families from London, Manchester and Birmingham, highlighted some surprising findings. Did you know that one in three families use technology to communicate within the house in the form of social networking, instant messages and video chats?

89% of the families surveyed had a laptop among their connectable devices, 74% had a smartphone, while 63% of families had some form of games console that connected to the internet. 52% of families now have some form of tablet device and 40% have media set top box. More traditional devices also featured on the list, 39% had MP3 players, 26% had hand held consoles and a quarter had TV’s connected to the internet.

Such is the increase in usage of devices connected to the internet, 75% of families are choosing to use a second screen. This usually involves families watching television but operating a second mobile device connected to the internet. The more popular of these second screen devices included smart phone and tablets, with 69% of families using these as a second screen. The most common reason for second screen usage was additional communication, whereas entertainment and online shopping were a close second and third.