Industry Sectors

“We have a solution to keep you talking no matter what your industry sector”


The ever-changing demands of the construction sectors mean that you need a trusted telecommunications partner who can offer a totally resilient service across multiple sites, including in remote and temporary locations, which minimises risk, wastage and downtime.

Professional Services

Staying connected 24/7 is vital for the professional services sector. Huge leaps in network traffic requirements, as well as ever evolving online and multi-channel requirements means that selecting a trusted communications partner is essential for forward thinking firms.


In transport and logistics your workforce can be dispersed across the country and around the world. We know that you need the right communications infrastructure to ensure everyone is connected and operating at 100% all of the time.

Leisure & Hospitality

Few sectors are as customer focused as yours. Be it restaurants, hotels, pubs and tourism or sport and gaming, the need to ensure your offer is fully customer focused is paramount. Having the customer at the very centre of your operation means you need a robust multi-channel communications presence that exceeds expectations.


When Odyssey was founded in 1987, retail was largely confined to the high street or shopping centre. In the present day and shopping is truly multi-channel, which means all retail businesses need a robust communications strategy, to build and retain customer loyalty, and guarantee their revenue streams.


Digital technology and connectivity is revolutionising how our education establishments operate. With technology increasingly central to learning, from early years to university, having the right communications infrastructure is critical when maintaining high standards.


Trust and confidence are of paramount importance within the health sector. The need for serious communications infrastructure is core to maintaining an efficiently run organisation for medical professionals, and veterinary practitioners too.


In our experience, manufacturing businesses are primarily focussed on unit cost, making effective and efficient telecommunications critical to the overall economics of your operation.

Arts & Media

The media sector is competitive, fast moving and deadline driven, and we know that whether you’re organising a public event, streaming video content or sending a magazine to print, you expect instant access to your network across the globe.