Connection Vouchers

Supercharge your business internet with connection vouchers worth up to £3000

Small or medium-sized business, charities and social enterprises in 50 cities can now apply for a free connection voucher worth up to £3,000.

Connection Vouchers will be made available on a first come, first served basis until 31 March 2016.

The Connection Voucher can help pay towards the fixed costs of getting you connected from between £100 and £3,000 and can be used with the following products.

  • Managed ADSL Broadband.
  • Bonded Broadband.
  • Load Balanced Broadband.
  • Managed Fibre Broadband.
  • Bonded Fibre Broadband.
  • Microwave Link
  • Copper Leased Line
  • Fibre Leased Line

Hundreds of UK businesses in 50 cities are already benefitting from the connection voucher scheme to

  • Increase profits by offering better services to more satisfied customers
  • Improving customers’ experience with quicker, communication
  • Reducing software and hardware costs by helping to switch to online data storage
  • Enhancing the way they communicate and collaborate using high quality video conferencing and faster file-sharing thanks to higher upload and download speeds, especially for large files
  • Future-proofing your business with the latest technology to meet your customers’ needs

We continually invest in our own dedicated connectivity platform, never reselling other providers to ensure the ultimate level of service. With a range of connectivity options to support even the most demanding of bandwidth requirements, Odyssey has the tools to support your business.

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Managed Broadband (ADSL)

Our great value business broadband is ideal for any business looking for a reliable high speed internet connection. Our high quality systems ensure you experience a fast and stable connection whilst experiencing the highest quality internet connectivity. We offer a reliable business only network with business optimised download and upload limits, and promise not to throttle or traffic shape except at peak usage times and we do not believe in port blocking. We use Draytek routers to support our broadband network, these industry leading routers offer advanced features including, load balancing options, VPNs and content filters.

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Ideal Choice For

  • Business grade internet access
  • Web browsing and email
  • Backup for other connections
  • Quick installation

Load Balanced Broadband

Our load balancing service route your traffic over multiple ADSL connections to deliver a better experience to local network users, requiring absolutely no special setup on their PC. Typically, Odyssey route traffic for your business to the internet via three different methods of load balancing. 1. Failover – Automatically route your traffic via a secondary connection if the primary goes down. 2. Service based – Send a specific service over one connection, and others over another. For example, website traffic over broadband connection A, and email traffic over broadband connection B. 3. User based – Send you low priority users down connection A, and high priority users down connection B.

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Ideal Choice For

  • Prioritising users or services
  • Sites needing high availability
  • Areas with no fibre broadband
  • Double the throughput of ADSL

Bonded Broadband

Bonded ADSL works by joining up to 5 standard broadband lines together, creating a single virtual broadband connection to the internet for your business. It’s the ideal solution if you are looking for a cost effective way to increase your speed or are unable to benefit from other solutions such as Fibre Broadband. By it nature, it’s a resilient product as it will continue to work at a reduced speed if up to four of its connections fail. As bonded broadband works over standard telephone lines, you’ll also be up and running months before a full fibre solution could be installed – usually just 10 working days!

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Ideal Choice For

  • Sites needing high availability
  • Big bandwidth in remote areas
  • Leased line download speeds
  • Cloud services and streaming

Fibre Broadband (FTTC)

Our Fibre Broadband services offer faster download speeds so your business can get more out of its Internet connection than ever before. Fibre broadband works by running a fibre optic cable from your local telephone exchange to the green cabinet at the side of the road.  Odyssey also ensure the highest quality connection available for you by never blocking ports, or traffic shaping your activities at any time. With our Fibre Optic Broadband services your business will be able to collaborate at high-speed; sharing files with regional offices, partners or remote workers and benefit from more responsive cloud based applications.

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Ideal Choice For

  • Heavy internet usage
  • Multiple users and devices
  • Cloud services and streaming
  • Prioritised business traffic

Copper Leased Line (EFM)

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) delivers guaranteed symmetrical bandwidth speeds between 1Mbps and 20Mbps using multiple copper pairs instead of fibre, this approach can result in 40% costs savings when compared to a fibre based Leased Line. Due to the fact that EFM is delivered on multiple copper pairs there is an inherent level of resilience, if one of the copper pairs should become defective there will be a graceful degradation of bandwidth as opposed to a total loss of service. Odyssey Copper Leased Lines are delivered within a 30 day lead time making it an ideal solution when rapid deployments are required, our industry reputation for service excellence assures you the best customer experience during the process of order, installation and ongoing support.

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Ideal Choice For

  • Same upload/download speed
  • Guranteed speed commitment
  • Sites needing high availability
  • Resilience with multiple cables

Fibre Leased Line

Odyssey Leased Lines provide ultimate scalability with bandwidth options from 1 Mbps up to 1Gbps on a single Fibre access circuit. This premium product can be provided up to 35Km between your office and the nearest network Point of Presence (PoP) with no degradation in bandwidth. Our Ethernet service covers over 90% of business premises using only best of breed components and suppliers to deliver optimum traffic performance. When downtime is not an option, our team can assist with specifying a fully resilient implementation using dual circuits along fully diverse paths. A Leased Line provides the reassurance of a business grade solution for ensuring the flow of information in your organisation. We deploy fully managed, best of breed router equipment at your site which includes out of band management as standard via an ADSL backup circuit.

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Ideal Choice For

  • Large offices/corporations
  • Hosting your own services
  • Guaranteed speed commitment
  • Same upload/download