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Company Name: Proactis

Services Used: Business Phone Lines and Calls, Phone Lines, Phone Numbers, Business Telephone Systems


PROACTIS was founded in 1996 with the vision to help organisations improve their operational and financial performance through the development , sales and support of best-in-class source-to-contract and purchase-to-pay solutions. Today they are a leading provider of spend control and e-Procurement solutions to hundreds of public, private and non for profit customers around the world.

The challenge

Odyssey systems have worked with PROACTIS for over ten years, in this time the group has gone through a period of rapid expansion. After a number of acquisitions and a period of absorbing staff and technologies the group’s needs and requirements changed dramatically.

With offices located across the UK, and the amalgamation of a satellite sales office into their head office, PROACTIS turned to Odyssey Systems to streamline their communications.

PROACTIS call costs between sites were significant and the absence of central company call network made it increasingly difficult for sales and support staff to communicate effectively between the offices. PROACTIS required a future proof telephony infrastructure that allowed scalability and flexibility, whilst retaining key call features to increase productivity of the current workforce.

The solutions

Odyssey Systems designed and installed a unified communications solution using the LG IPECS MFIM 50 and 100 call servers and the IPECS handset range into their head office at Wetherby and satellite site in Bridge end.

The IP based solution offered them the flexibility and scalability that they required, whilst offering full transparency and seamless transfer of calls between sites.

To combat the broadband connectivity problems at the Wetherby site, Odyssey Systems bonded 4 broadband lines to increase the bandwidth, needed to support the IP solution.

IPECS call server supported the 12 and 24 button IPECS handsets, offering enhanced functionality, programmable features and easy transfer options between staff to increase productivity.

The IP Solution also gave the group a disaster recovery solution, the offices are linked as though they are one system but have local call servers to handle direct calls to each site, allowing each site to carry on working even if the other fails.

The use of Odyssey SIP lines, through the Odyssey Datacentre, would allow the main number to be redirected to any location. Each site can function as a stand-alone system or as one system, giving full redundancy and service continuity in all situations.

The Results

The IPECS solution has provided PROACTIS with a Unified communications solution tailored to their specific needs with the addition of embedded applications such as auto Attendant, ACD and voicemail boxes.

The IPECS offers PROACTIS a scalable solution that can grow as the company expands and will easily accommodate additional sites and remote extensions across the world.

The handset functionality has increased worker productivity and collaboration between support staff and sales staff at different sites. Users can now manage calls more effectively as well as significantly reducing costs. Remote workers and sales staff can now use their mobiles as mobile extensions, so calls can be transferred to a mobile without the need to give out a mobile number.

Additionally the bonded broadband solution has increased the bandwidth available at the Wetherby site, allowing for clear, uninterrupted call sessions.

About Odyssey

Odyssey Systems is the North East’s leading business telecoms provider, delivering communications solutions such as business telephone systems and data connectivity. Operating from its purpose built headquarters in Stockton on Tees, supports major organisations and small medium enterprises.


“Odyssey has been instrumental in helping our business through years of growth by providing a flexible and unified solution that has not only helped with cross site communication but also with driving down unnecessary telecommunication and data costs. This, combined with a fundamental understanding of our business by Odyssey, has meant that the right solutions have always been offered and the business requirements met. ”
Nick Lowther (Director of Operations)