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Odyssey designed and installed a contact centre solution which allowed the routing of more than 2,000 telephone numbers to groups of agents, supported by call recording, call reporting and CTI.

Established in 2003, Lemon is a 24/7 call management centre, which has grown to serve a host of national and international clients with its bespoke call answering solutions. It has since undergone rapid growth and expansion, culminating in the move to a new head office, in 2016, at Odyssey Systems’ business park at Preston Farm in Stockton.

Lemon Business Solutions

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The Challenge

Lemon’s change of premises, to Odyssey’s fully-functional office space, coincided with the firm reaching capacity of its old system, which Odyssey was tasked to upgrade and replace in 2013. Odyssey Systems recommended a solution that would enable the growth of service and complex telephony integration for Lemon’s CRM software, as well as metrics to boost productivity.

The Solution

The new system, which was designed and installed by Odyssey Systems, allowed the routing of more than 2,000 telephone numbers to separate groups of agents, as well as the installation of a web interface to enable call recording and rating.
Odyssey also supported the migration from legacy ISDN telephony to a SIP system, operating a Mitel MiVoice office phone system that was supplied on a fully redundant gigabyte Ethernet connection, with BGP failover of IP address. The Mitel MiVoice also has the capabilities to record calls for quality control and agent training purposes. Odyssey’s engineers also applied Computer Telephony Integrations (CTI) to link telephones to Lemon’s in-house management system, which delivers screen popping with custom scripts for each client and click-to-dial for outbound calls – to maximise productivity and reduce errors among Lemon’s workforce. Additional installations and improvements by Odyssey Systems included fully-customisable wall boards to display metrics, KPIs and historical reporting.

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