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Based in Darlington, County Durham, Recognition Marketing is one of the North of England’s leading PR firms, providing a wide range of communications services and consultancies to clients across the UK, including digital and traditional PR, web videos and training. 

Prior to being introduced to Odyssey Systems, Recognition Marketing & PR were working with a legacy of the growth of the company and the changing nature of the media and telecommunication industries.

Working with a number of analogue lines and low broadband speeds, Recognition’s modern age requirements far outstripped what they had in place.

Recognition PR required a solution that would support the greater use of digital media within the company. They required high levels of bandwidth to enable the electronic transfer of high quality video and photograph files whilst being able to support an increasing number of people using the technology at the same time.

Working with an aging telephone system maintained by BT, Odyssey systems was presented with the opportunity to rethink and streamline Recognition telecommunications infrastructure, with the desire to include remote workers, mobile paring and an out of hours service.

The first phase of Odyssey Systems project saw the review of Recognitions whole connectivity infrastructure, including their telecommunications and broadband requirements.

Downloading and uploading large video and photographic galleries crippled recognitions bandwidth usage, it was decided the most efficient solution was to increase their leased line speed to 10Mbps, this ensured that they were able to efficiently move and send files whilst maintaining a stable bandwidth for all users in the office.

“Odyssey listened to how our business was evolving and provided a package of solutions which not only meets our current needs, but gives us flexibility for the future.”

Paul White, partner

When assessing Recognitions telephony requirement It was Odysseys first challenge to consolidate their lines and call packages to make sure their telecommunications was working efficiently for them.

Odyssey installed the LG IPECS MFIM 50 call server with supporting LG 24 and 12 button desktop phones maintained and supported by Odyssey

As well as increasing the capacity of the systems, to deal with a greater level of large file movement between Recognition’s team and its substantial client base across the country, Odyssey was able to simplify the customer-supplier relationship and bring the project in under budget.

By installing a 10Mbps leased line this created additional capacity for such activity as video transfers and greater web-based PR. The engineers also added a call-recording system for in-house training, and delivered a package which will give on-going call cost savings and a single bill, rather than the previously fragmented billing.

The new phone system increased productivity between office staff and allowed the partners to have home extensions, remote working and the ability to take out of hours calls via mobile pairing.

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